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Training & Professional Development

CPREAs are required to complete a minimum of 10 points ("CPREA Approved") of professional development each year, to maintain their CPREA Accreditation. Training/professional development that you complete must meet the following principles:

  • Content Themes - your training must include learning across all four (4) content themes.
  • Learning Methods - your learning should be completed via various methods of learning.

(You will also be given the opportunity to strive for higher "Status" levels by obtaining additional PD points in any year.  This is designed to encourage members to strive for a higher level of education and receive the appropriate recognition and public credibility for their efforts.)

Finally you are required to provide evidence of the training/ professional development that you complete each year. Your Training Provider is required to provide you with this evidence, and you simply upload your certificates etc into your member login through the member portal.

Further information on all of this can be found in the sub-menus above.


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