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Geoff Baldwin Sat 22 August 2015

Way Too Much Information

“The more you say, the more chance you may say something wrong” was a valuable piece of advice given to me early in my career and it is advice that I believe should be seriously considered by many of today’s agents, particularly in their online property marketing.

Over the past 15 years, with the increasing reliance on the internet, we have seen agents provide more and more information on their property adverting to the point where it is bordering on information overload.

Prior to the internet the opposite extreme existed whereby print advertisements consisted of a few lines riddled with abbreviations and terminology that were often extremely confusing to the public however these days there is a propensity for massive amounts of descriptive text and dozens of photographs.

Professional marketers understand that it is benefits that drive emotions, not long lists of features and they also know that emotions are the biggest driver in any purchase however this fact seems lost in most real estate adverts.

The majority of today’s real estate advertisements consist of long lists of features and ramblings about what is in a property with little focus on how the property can provide benefits to which prospective buyers can relate. The emphasis is now on telling buyers what is in a property rather than getting them emotionally involved by telling them how the property can change their lives. After all, isn’t that the aim of buying a new home?

As a comparison, if you consider the advertising of car makers, these days there is very little said about the features of a car but there is a huge emphasis on lifestyle, fun, family and how that car will make the prospective buyer happier.

Another issue is the average number of images provided for each online real estate advert. This has also increased often to the point of showing all the good aspects only to then cancel out the positives by showing images of toilets, pokey bathrooms, sheds, untidy garages, weed ridden gardens, dead lawns, etc.  

Savvy agents understand that property advertising is not designed to sell a property; it is primarily aimed at producing inquiry and viewings. In other words, getting people to the property so that they become emotionally attached and hopefully make an offer.

To achieve this, agents should consider the average amount of time a person spends looking at each listing online which is around 15 to 30 seconds.

Too much information can be counterproductive so forget about the 500 word essay and the myriad of images and just focus on providing enough information to create curiosity, stimulate emotional interest and ultimately to encourage enquiry and viewings.


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