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Geoff Baldwin Mon 18 May 2015

Less is more on Social Media

It is now not uncommon to see a myriad of aspiring trainers and even some agents and salespeople becoming serial posters on social media sites however this over posting can prove detrimental even if they have quality content according to Certified Practising Real Estate Agents (CPREA) Chairman, Geoff Baldwin.

“In many of the industry groups on Facebook and Linked In we are now seeing people posting daily and in some cases more than once a day with their latest industry tip or inspirational piece however they are failing to recognise that they are defeating their own purpose”, he said.

“It can be likened to the frustration when a visiting uncle or aunt’s advice to children is eagerly accepted leaving the parents left scratching the heads knowing that they had been telling the kids the same thing for years.

“It is really a case of the old saying “Familiarity breeds contempt” and the same most certainly applies to overposters on social media where, after a while their contributions become just more “white noise”.

“Social media is a wonderful tool to get a message out but it’s much more about quality than quantity and this is especially the case where the post is a thinly disguised attempt to sell a product or service.

“These days social media has become more sophisticated and the protocols, written and unwritten, need to be applied continuously so as to not lose the respect of the audience”, Baldwin said.


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