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Geoff Baldwin Fri 23 January 2015

Tenants talk too

It’s unfortunate that many agents and property managers continue to treat tenants as second class citizens and forget that they too share their experiences with many other people in the community, according to CPREA Chairman, Geoff Baldwin.

“A recent phone survey of 57 tenants conducted by www.CPREA.com.au produced some disturbing results that our industry should address if we are going to lift our standing in the public perception stakes”, he said.

“One tenant when asking for an explanation of lease clauses was told by the property manager that “She didn’t need this S--- and it sounds like you don’t really want the property”.

“Another applicant turned up for an appointment to sign documents and pick up keys for a weekend move only to be told that the property manager had gone to sign up a new property and to come back on Monday.

“A myriad of other issues included lack of communication, unscheduled inspections, properties being left insecure, etc, however the overriding complaint was simply that many tenants were spoken down to, patronised and treated differently to property owners.

“One man said that he was knocked back on an application but the decision was reversed when he confirmed that he was a multiple property owner himself. He said the attitude and approach of the agent changed completely once he found out that there may be future business to be had.

“Of the tenants surveyed only seven spoke positively about their experiences and when asked to rate real estate agents on the way they were treated the average across the 57 people was only 3.2 out of 10.

“Obviously there are two sides to every story however the majority of those surveyed were well mannered and rational in their responses seeming to have a genuine desire to be treated more respectfully.

“The records show that most people will rent a property before they buy one so that means as an industry we are upsetting future buyers and sellers on a daily basis and in the process we are also damaging the overall public perception of our industry.

“This is a critical situation and one that every real estate team should be addressing as a priority” Mr Baldwin said.



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