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Geoff Baldwin Mon 28 July 2014

Latest Fair Work decision on salespersons contacts reeks of ignorance

The decision announced this week to make further drastic changes to work place agreements with ‘commission only’ salespeople shows the high degree of ignorance that body has in regards to our industry, according to www.CPREA.com.au (Certified Practising Real Estate Agent) Chairman, Geoff Baldwin.

“To be informed by the Real Estate Employees Federation out of the blue that annual leave, personal and compassionate leave must now be separated from commissions and paid in advance, shows a total lack of appreciation or understanding of the real estate industry”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Quite frankly, agent employers have every right to be extremely disappointed with the manner in which this has been managed not to mention the complete chaos it has the capacity to wreak on salespeople and their contracts.

“This is a classic case of bureaucrats who, by their actions, clearly know nothing about our Industry and who have decided through their wisdom to fix a system that is clearly not broken.

“Not only do real estate employers not have an issue with the current commission only system, the absolute majority of salespeople will be very unhappy about having their contracts dismantled.

“If leave is to be paid in advance and not as a component of the salespersons ongoing payments then we are going to see either a complete restructuring of every contract causing massive administrative headaches and resulting in some very unhappy salespeople due to being paid lessor commission rates in lieu of these latest changes.

“One way or the other this continual bureaucratic meddling has to be moderated by the inclusion of genuine and meaningful consultation with industry leaders prior to decisions such as these being made”, he said.



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