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Geoff Baldwin Mon 28 July 2014

Priorities amiss in online cost war

Many of the protagonists in the current war of words with REA and online costs seem to be missing one important and overriding point, that being that the fight should not be about agents but more about the effects on sellers, according to www.CPREA.com.au (Certified practising Real Estate Agent) Chairman, Geoff Baldwin.

“Most real estate agents today would argue that they are recovering the costs of marketing properties from their sellers so with this in mind surely the whole argument should not be around how these costs are effecting the bottom line of agents”, Mr Baldwin said.

“Quite frankly, the general public have little interest in how much it costs real estate agents to run their offices however, if when they are selling their home they realised that the cost of marketing were skyrocketing then they would be much more likely to show empathy for the cause.

“For our industry to succeed in attracting public support to alternative websites such as our own about to launch www.ROOMEO.com.au or the recently announced site being developed by the groups and IRENE, we must give people reasons to make that decision otherwise, why would they move away from the established majors?

“As part of the marketing of www.ROOMEO.com.au and of our associated body, CPREA, we will certainly be promoting the benefits directly to the public as we understand that we must attract the support of sellers.

“Once these sites are up and running, if agents are serious about supporting the swing towards more competition and lower prices then they too will need to continually inform their clients and to ensure they get their clients’ properties listed on these new websites.

“It is the policy of CPREA that, although we are launching what we believe will be a market leading site and one that agents will ultimately own and control, we are happy to see other sites being developed to provide additional competition in the marketplace including the site announced by the Groups and IRENE.

“Of course we should all be working towards providing affordable corporate marketing opportunities for ourselves and our agencies however we should never lose sight of the big picture, that being the fact that it’s our sellers who foot the bill and it’s our sellers who are most harmed by the continual enormous price hikes”’ he said.


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