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Geoff Baldwin Mon 10 March 2014

New Industry body, CPREA, hits first Target

Since its launch three weeks ago, Certified Practicing real Estate Agents (CPREA) has struck a chord with agents and trainers right across Australia and has already hit its first target of 300 members according to Chairman and co-founder, Geoff Baldwin.

“We are extremely heartened by the way Australian agents and quality trainers are coming on board and aligning with the objectives of CPREA to provide a recognised, long overdue industry accreditation for real estate professionals in Australia”, Mr Baldwin said.

 "Currently, two stand out challenges that must be addressed are:

1. The public perception of our Industry.
2. The seeming lack of will to develop an (Industry owned) national real estate portal

"At present Real Estate in Australia is regulated by different legislation in each State/Territory meaning variations in licensing requirements, compliance, training and ongoing professional development. As a result there is no benchmark or consistency in the skills, knowledge and expertise within the industry across Australia.

"CPREA accreditation brings that consistency, along with a recognised professional standard for real estate practitioners in Australia.

"CPREA is a registered trademark which symbolises professional practice in real estate in Australia. CPREA Accreditation recognises the professional skills, knowledge and experience of real estate practitioners.

The vision of the founders of CPREA:

  • To provide genuinely national recognition and advantage for members who strive for a higher level of professionalism and education.
  • To lift public perception of the real estate industry with particular focus on CPREA members.
  • To launch an Industry owned national property portal (www.roomeo.com.au) providing members with long overdue control over their online destiny.
  • To provide sales and other data to CPREA members.
  • To provide a strong national voice for our Industry to government.
  • To provide a negotiating voice for the benefit of members.

"The intention is that CPREA will evolve into a "co-operative" body owned and controlled by its members and that shareholdings in its soon to be launched national property portal will be restricted to people who work in our Industry.

"CPREA is predominantly a body that recognises the experience and educational efforts and accomplishments of agents, salespeople, property managers and other professionals directly involved with real estate. The different levels of membership and how they are achieved are outlined at: www.CPREA.com.au along with an attractive incentive for foundation members.

"Based on early take up of memberships and the growing support from trainers we feel that the letters CPREA  are destined to become a most highly respected and sort after post nominal and that our members will benefit greatly from having those letters following their names.", Mr Baldwin said.


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