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Office Accreditation

CPREA Office Accreditation gives your agency the heightened profile it deserves.

Criteria for CPREA Office Accreditation

To apply for CPREA Office Accreditation you must meet the following criteria:

  • Each Principal, Director, and Licensee must have CPREA Individual Accreditation.
  • 100% of your Sales Consultants/Representatives and Property Managers must have and maintain CPREA individual accreditation within 14 days of commencement at your Agency. (Any real estate practitioner in your office who deals with real estate transactions)
  • As the Principal, you are responsible for ensuring all relevant personnel hold and maintain CPREA Accreditation.
  • As the Principal, you must have a commitment to:
    • Professional practice across your agency
    • Ongoing professional development across your agency

Office Accreditation

There are NO fees for "Office Accreditation".

The monthly fee for individual CPREA Accredited members within your office depend on the size of your office. The following reduced fee applies to all members within your office.

    No. of Staff Annual Fee Monthly Fee
    1 - 2 $275 $25
    3 - 5 $225 $21
    6 - 10 $175 $17
    11 + $135 $13

How to apply

To receive "CPREA Office Accreditation", Simply complete and lodge the CPREA Office Accreditation application via our website www.cprea.com.au.

We will then be in touch to arrange CPREA Accreditation for your staff. 

Having your Office accredited is easy! - Apply Now


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