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Levels of CPREA Accreditation

Your CPREA Accreditation will recognise your current professional standing based on experience, educational achievement and longevity in the Real Estate industry.

You will also be provided with a pathway to advancing your accreditation level progressing through to Fellow standing.

There are five (5) levels of CPREA Accreditation:

For specific detail on each of the five (5) levels of CPREA Accreditation, click the Accreditation levels above. 


Eligibility Criteria

Each Accreditation level has a defined set of eligibility criteria. In general terms eligibility relates to:

  • Current employment status in the Real Estate industry 
  • A minimum period of full time employment in the real estate industry
  • Current real estate licence/registration (as applicable)
  • Demonstrated past commitment to ongoing professional development over the last two (2) years
  • Being able to demonstrate "Fit and Proper" person criteria


Maintaining your Accreditation

To maintain your CPREA Accreditation you must commit to:

  • Completing, as a minimum, 10 hours of training/ongoing professional development each year.  In addition you will be provided the opportunity of achieving higher "Status" by completing additional PD points in any year.
    • These are CPREA Approved - see "Training & PD" tab above.
    • Courses can be completed across various "Content Themes" and through a combination of learning methods.
  • You are required to keep a  Training /PD activity log, available online through your CPREA member login.
  • You must abide by CPREAs Code of Conduct (see "Code of Conduct")


To Apply for CPREA Accreditation

Applying for CPREA Accreditation is easy!


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OR, print and complete the Application form:

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On completion send it to:

Email:   admin@cprea.com.au


Investing in Yourself!

You can pay your accreditation fee annually or monthly.

Fees for CPREA Accreditation are (all fees are exclusive of GST):


  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $25.00


Annual Fee


Upfront - Annual

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  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $25.00


per month



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