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CPREA Associate

A CPREA Associate is a "CPREA approved" person with less than two (2) years fulltime experience working in the real estate industry in Australia or New Zealand.  (You can fast-track your way into CPREA Professional Accreditation by completing extra PD points during your first two years.)

Criteria for CPREA Associate Accreditation

CPREA Associates will be:

  • Currently fulltime employed in the real estate Industry
  • Committed to attending CPREA accredited courses or events to achieve the required professional development points in each 12 months of membership
  • Able to demonstrate "Fit and Proper" person criteria
  • Committed to the CPREA professional Code of Conduct.


To Apply for CPREA Associate Accreditation

Applying for CPREA Accreditation is easy!


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OR, print and complete the Application form:

  Fill out the Application Form

On completion send it to:

Email:   admin@cprea.com.au


Investing in Yourself!

You can pay your accreditation fee annually or monthly.

Fees for CPREA Associate Accreditation are (all fees are exclusive of GST):


  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $25.00


Annual Fee


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  • Non-refundable Application Fee: $25.00


per month



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If you have any questions or you would simply like more information please contact us.


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